Buy the open ES 860-870

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  1. We can't fall much futher
  2. acrary


    I'm looking to buy the GMAC 7.375% bonds today (GOM). At 35% yield-to-maturity I've got to put a few bucks in the bonds. Reminds me of the NYC bond crisis back in the 70's. What a great time to buy.
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    i was thinking the same thing but what scares me is the total loss of confidence in the banking system..its a world wide concern.
  5. ......and a very very PROPER loss of confidence of the banking system.......this planned financial grid takedown is much too obvious. Do not be their road kill! :eek:
  6. What do you mean by - "financial grid takedown"?
  7. This is it buy.
  8. Bought SSO - cash as usual, no margin, 1000.
  9. "Buy the open ES 860-870"

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    We can't fall much futher

    Aaron Copland

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    This is it buy.

    So Aaron, did you buy between 860-870 off the open? Of course not! You don't trade, Oh can you please post a snap of your Demo account again!
  10. Stop flaming and trying to pick a fight. We've all got a lot of stress right now. :)
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