Buy the dip

Discussion in 'Trading' started by galvinlee888, Apr 5, 2013.

  1. It definitely work again today ..:D

    Btw, how many of the "expert" here are shorting the market today ? :cool: :cool:
  2. :)

    I was just looking at IWM yesterday and thinking how it is begging to be bought. There are times when fruit hangs so low it bends the branches down, being plump and ripe.....
  3. Buy the fucking dip you fucking idiot.

    You feel me?
  4. Visaria


    I've been doing that with Japanese shares, simply by having a core long position in Nikkei futures and then increasing my position by buying the fucking dip and selling that a few hundred points higher, repeat.
  5. I bought 68 puts yesterday, o, yes, that is a short.

    but I sold my puts with almost 6fold gains in the gun down when it crashed in the opening.

    bought last dip around 3:30, made a good ride in final hour.

    buy dips work well, buy low and sell is a great idea. particulay in a bull run market.

    over and over, this strategy works perfectly.

    sell pop in a bear market like aapl works perfectly too. sell high and buy low.

    common sense! trading is easy. do not think too much about TA.
  6. vinc


    there are some which are rotten as well but those you seem to have overlooked :)
  7. Ash1972


    The point is any idiot can make money in a bull market. You don't hear much about these geniuses when the party's over.
  8. Visaria


    He's a smart "idiot" if he cashed out his chips before the "party has ended".
  9. Ash1972


    I just seem to be hearing a lot more about buying the dips now than at any point in the last few years
  10. so you are smart people that short and try to fight with the FED ?
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