Buy SP500 @ 1239, sell at close - 1239.02 to be precise

Discussion in 'Trading' started by DeepFried, Nov 17, 2005.

  1. In light of the wonderful response I received yesterday, I feel compelled to list another market call. :D

    I don't have a real strong opinion here but I think we'll rally into the close. homos.
  2. U think we'll rally? Smart call.

    We always rally on days that end in Y.

  3. Ah yes, the first witty rejoinder. The first of many, no doubt.
  4. Witty? No.

    Merely stating a fact.
  5. Alright. That's pretty much how it's been going for the last month.
  6. Quah


    why would you buy at 1239 only to sell at 1239.02? :)
  7. Ebo


    It's not real money anyway, make him feel good, tell him "Nice Trade"!
  8. thats pretty tight scalping lol
  9. Ebo


    Ask him if he trades SPY or ESZ05?
  10. Is that you,
    rubberbird,jamesstock,romeo ... ?
    #10     Nov 17, 2005