buy silver tomorrow

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    if it drops another 10%, and reverses.
  2. how much of a reversal are we talking here before jumping in?
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    just put some random stoploss that makes sense. and buy then hope.
    usually it should work.

  4. CME is trying desperately to kill the silver price. 3 silver margin hikes in a week. I smell desperation in the air. There is probably going to be a run to $100 in the next month or two if what is happening what I think is happening.
  5. Don't get too clever with silver. If it drops significantly (~30- 50%) at any point in the next few years take the opportunity of a lifetime and buy.

    Of course it may just keep going up with no retracements like the DOW did when it first broke 1000..
  6. The opportunity of a lifetime in silver was early 09 :)
  7. Does JPM still have a large short interest or is that all covered by now?
  8. the margin hikes were not very large.
  9. Im already long physical silver from way down.. but its not a huge position unfortunately (unleveraged) damnit! lol :p
  10. SLV down 5% and it does not feel like Longs have capitulated. even more downside today?
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