Buy silver bars now, people will try to avoid "health care bill" bullion requirements

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  1. or maybe the # of transactions in gold will magically all take place at the $599.99 price point

  2. Orwell's 1984.

    (Did you know in the Great Depression you couldn't open your safe deposit box in private? Gov't will chase down your wealth.)
  3. "Buy silver bars now, people will try to avoid health care bill bullion requirements"

    Either that or PM prices will plummet as people realize that they will get taxed on any capital gains if the price of PMs that they purchase rise. Even if PM prices continue to rise, one ounce silver coins and junk silver are still a safe bet because they will remain below the $600 reporting requirement.

    We were on the gold standard then and outlawing gold ownership was the only way the Fed could print whatever quantity of paper money they wanted. Now that we are no longer on the gold standard, there is not a compelling reason for the government to confiscate gold. If they decide to confiscate everything that will soar in price during the coming hyperinflation, they will have to confiscate oil, grains, sugar, cotton as well as every other commodity and real asset.
  4. You may be obsessed with hyperinflation too much and not hyperdeflation. :eek: :(
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    just think if they have to confiscate your"copper"
  6. Who keeps pennies anyway? :confused:
  7. That is better than being obsessed with criticizing people even if you have to take their quotes out of context while never offering thoughts of any value.

    Good luck depending upon deflation.

    Time to put you and your worthless comments on ignore.

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