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  1. the pimple faced Geither and summers run the economy, which means it is time 2 buy this dip @ 2:00

    More debt, more stimulus, more bailout

    need to fix economy. too big to fail

    buy this dip :D :D
  2. Says the guy who's bought every selloff since 6000 pts ago..

  3. Wait, sorry, I meant the buy signal is now, or the next dip. I'm not sure, but I mean whoops, oh, it's a buy signal.
  4. You have an uncanny ability to offer your buy signal immediately before the mkt sells off very hard. That's twice in the last few days.

    I hope for your sake you learn to take advantage of your ability to predict a sharp mkt movement. All you have to do is make the opposite trade from your call :)

  5. nor not...

    all major indexes gone green with 30 more minutes of trading left

    the buyers 80% of the time step in after 2:00

    dont fight the trend

    There will be more deficits, more spendism, no fiscal conservatism, and a jobless recovery. This is good for stocks.
  6. That wasn't my point. MY point was IMMEDIATELY following your post, the market sold off hard. The fact that we've now retraced and rallied wasn't what I was getting after. Imagine you went short at that moment, caught some nice profits and then, when prices started stabalizing and hovering, then you flip the switch and go long.

    Thats trading my young friend and your call was dead on, mkt tanked nicely moments after your buy call.

  7. With 80% certainty, IF the market is flat or down a little @2:00 the market will close higher than its price at 2:00.
  8. Please provide proof of the 80% rule. Maybe a link to historical data?

  9. I'm starting to come around to the notion that Stock_Trad3r is actually a master satirist, and everyone that rips him a new one (and they are legion) after each of his apparently bullish calls falls right into his trap by just not getting his humor.
  10. May I come up with the opposite call?
    Tomorrow will be a SELL THE NEWS event of the week.
    Market is gonna tank and not recover until friday at least.
    The reason I'm saying this is that financials tried to overcome the gap at 10 (XLF that is) and failed due to lack of buyers. Volume today is very light so you figure this out
    Although morning pop-up is not out of question - then we sell hard
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