Buy signal triggered

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  1. I'm getting a buy signal now

    At 1:26PM ET: 8,050.80 Down 27.56 (0.34%)

    The patter is always the same: big rally for the first hour of trading, steady selloff to support to prior around @ 2:00 and then a rally for the remaining 2 hours. In this case the support is 8050.

    good luck ppl
  2. l2tradr


    Haha, you're getting a buy signal? Er, not that you have a system, but your buys signals are waaaaay off (see your original portolio down 70% since last July). You might want to reverse the positions of your signal and actually make some money.
  3. Take it or leave it.
  4. What happened to your buy signal from Dow 14,000 to Dow 7,500?
  5. wow, what a terrible call. Absolute moment the market started tanking. It's quite amazing how you got that down to the tee.

    I'm sorry but it's the truth. When a call is this bad, it needs to be talked about. It also shows how the market constantly suckers people in at the worst moments for them. It's not a coincidence.

  6. It's sad when the market mocks you and sells off on your signal. You need to stop sucking Larry Kudlows perma-bull dick.

    BTW, I am still waiting for your promise of VIX to 0.
  7. I don't know why you insist on embarrassing yourself.
  8. thanks for posting...i fired off a short ES 5 lot without even i'm locked in with profits...
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    I started to feel sorry for him, seriously.
  10. HAHA funniest post award winner!!
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