Buy signal triggered now

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  1. market wil go higher till the close

    so there is no confusion about the time:

    At 1:08PM ET: 8,165.42 49.39 (0.61%)

    GL folks
  2. UPDATE #1

    1403 EST


  3. update

    so there is no confusion

    1508 ET

    8,163.90 +47.87 (0.59%)

  4. I am confused. Who is this guy named Werd?
  5. Still a buy? BUY BUY BUY?
  6. close 8,174.57 +58.54 (0.72%)

  7. slow day
  8. Redneck


    My oppinion

    The calls you post are paramount to fraud
  9. Well, at least you didn't lose money on this call unlike his latest index.
  10. Redneck


    I've never followed his calls

    He made long calls on some stocks I trade all the time... a little after I joined here...., I asked him for time frames and targets prices

    He never responded, and the stocks all dropped

    I just don't want new traders losing money for no reason
    #10     Jan 27, 2009