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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Jets001, Oct 17, 2008.

  1. Jets001


    Ive been searching around for a good trading system that gives me buy and sell signals everyday, i found some forex brokers that do, however im looking for something with NASDAQ stocks? i saw tradestation website however that looks complicated to me, i also found Does anyone on here use their software? is like what im looking for, Im gonna download a demo today and give it a try, i don't really know much about pair trading though but what they say on their website makes sense. Any thoughts?
  2. Never tried but it's on my todo list.
  3. Yes I use Pairtrade Finder. Its been working very well for me, I started a journal on the 18th August to document my trades and so far Ive outperformed the SP500 by a massive 46% with less volatility & exposure aswell, not bad if you ask me.
  4. but there are still no reviews of the program on this site.
  5. I was just informed recently about this site.

    It is in beta testing so it is free for now to use.
    It is powered by CQG.

    A site to get signals from what I am told. Have not used it myself.