Buy Sell Or Get Out System?

Discussion in 'Strategy Development' started by sirinvestalot, Jun 22, 2007.

  1. Has anyone used this software successfully?

    Theoretically it could work. I have used decision bar with ok results, not the best support but it works.:D
  2. Frequently Asked Questions

    What is your win/loss ratio?
    Since this is not a strategy system, I cannot give you a win/loss ratio. I can tell you that I have been trading it for full-time for six months and I have done very well. Although there are some losses, they are usually break even situations or very small.

    Makes me wanna' sign up today.....NOT!
  3. I agree with CaptainObvious.

    If it worked (profitfactor > 1.7) or sort of worked (profitfactor > 1.4), they wouldn't sell it to anyone or say anything about it.

    More likely it's a breakeven system which won't actually take any money out of the market, but may be good enough to extract money from a few newbies.

    Remember kids, nobody sells a working system.
  4. t1ck3r


    There is no Magic Bullet for the market, strategies come and go. At best you hope they give you a good tell or edge as to which way to bet. If by chance you find a really juicy edge, word gets out the market becomes efficient again taking it away. You have to be fast at discovery and attack the opportunities as they arise.

    Happy Trading

  5. Note the "Testimonials" tab, but no Track Record, or no independently monitored widgets on the site.

    Results: it doesn't work.
  6. EliteEd


    Note no free trial period. For six grand, you would think they would offer a one or two week free trial. If it works half as well as they describe, everyone would be buying or renting after the trial.
  7. What a rip-off. The guy shows a few well-chosen run days and pretends his system really works. $6,000 for some BS indicators!

  8. Splat


    True but you could pay a nominal amount and try it for a month and then report back to us :D