buy RRC you clowns-for a move to 47.5

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by NY_HOOD, Aug 26, 2008.

  1. for a move to the 47.50 area. c'mon,have some balls fella's,i am feeling might brave today.i hate eatin alone,i need to have some of you knuckleheads makin cash too.we all could use a high end lap dance with a happy ending tonight.
  2. sg20


    Thanks, up 5.71%. Great call.
  3. A "dummies" style entry: an upside break of the second 15 minute bar.

    Buy stop @46.93, attached stop loss @ 46.24
  4. 1 R move to 47.62, stop to breakeven.
  5. Darn, stopped out at BE
  6. great call ny hood.....

    p.s. Time to do a back flip and hit the strip club......:cool:
  7. and who says technical analysis does'nt work. this call was spot on guys. drinks on me but you owe me a boat load of lap dances.
  8. Believe me, you don't want some 50 year old white guy giving you a lap dance.

    Unless you're into that. :cool: