Buy pullbacks or buy highs?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by IronFist, Jan 14, 2022.

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  1. Buy every 5% decline, wen lambo

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  2. Buy every 5% gain, why would you buy garbage?

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  1. Coinbase sends me alerts when certain cryptos move + or - 5% in a given timeframe.

    Some of these involve NU, XML, and CGLD. I'm not shilling these, I just read them constantly in the alerts I get, so they must be volatile.

    I was thinking, people cherish discussing whether it's better to buy high or buy low.

    Would you rather buy every 5% drop in a instrument or every 5% gain?

    In other words, you are following a crypto or a stock or whatever. If you had to pick, would you rather buy more every time it rises 5% or every time it declines 5%? You have to do it whenever it happens for a year.
  2. xandman


    Your asking the wrong question.

    The question should be: Does crypto mean revert or trend? The answer will lead you to the commensurate strategy.

    I just gave you your most important LIFE. Don't get hit by a truck.
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  3. SteveM


    I would do what the backtest of the instrument told me to do, with the assumption that my backtest had a built-in stop loss criteria.

    In the 1970s-1980s you could have made a fortune buying new n-day highs and selling new n-day lows in a basket of physical commodities futures.

    I would assume the same type of strategy would have worked extraordinarily well over the last 5 years in a basket of popular cryptocurrencies....will it work as well for the *next* 5 years is the question.

    In short, backtest, backtest, backtest.....and then follow your strategy to the "T"....the following the strategy part is the hard part.
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  4. bone

    bone ET Sponsor

    This is very sound advice.

    Also, don't go into a test with a pre concieved bias. Let the market test tell you what the proper course of action is.

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  5. Zwaen


    A while ago I tested this in spx/spy. Buy after x% retracement. It was irrelevant and even lowered returns somewhat. Buying lower could not make up for the missed returns.
  6. your first mistake is shitcoins
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  7. MKTrader


    Yep. It depends on the instrument, the trading rules, timeframe, etc. Generally, pullbacks and breakouts are more successful if you trade in the long-term trend's direction. Having said that, the Turtle style you mentioned simply assumed the breakout of a 20-day high (or whatever) was the new trend. It worked great in the 70s/80s, not so much by the early 90s when more people had computers/trading software and the pros started fading highly-publicized simple trading systems. It can still work if there's a huge new bull market in something (like cryptos) or in times of great uncertainty/volatility...but those things are hard to define and quantify.
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