Buy or Sell??

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Comanche, Apr 25, 2007.

  1. Without knowing what this is, just looking at this chart, would you buy it or sell it here?
  2. balda


  3. Sell

    without anyother information it looks like it is trending down.
  4. yen!
  5. well, there goes that unbiased exercise!
  6. could be a bull flag...
  7. hels02


    I don't know how you can make a buy/sell decision from just looking at some lines on paper.

    How much did this company earn? When is the next earning report due? What is it's current P/E? What news and how does it impact the stock? Who are the competition and how are they doing?

    Is the stock going down because of low volume drift, or is it going down because 2 days ago, the earnings came out with a lowered guidance for the next quarter?
  8. gov


    most certainly a buy.
  9. inf000


    short term buy

    heheh it looks like there really is a buyer for every seller :)