BUY OIH calls for trade

Discussion in 'Trading' started by iceman1, Oct 10, 2008.

  1. Taking the shot on some today and more on Monday....

    No illusions about total victory............. just a contra-trade after selling OIH puts for friends accounts earlier today and earlier in month for 70-107-112 points profits!

    DO IT!

    (and stay disciplined with 5% below today's lows as stop)

    (back to my day job)

  2. taking some profits on calls at 97

    holding the rest long - will add more if trades to 85

  3. Too fking lucky! Nailed OIH calls... sold the rest at close. Profits of 15-17 and 24- 26 points on calls in two F-ing days.

    Will re-enter at some point. Maybe this week, maybe later this year. No rush. Back to day job

    Damn why did I ever spend so many wasted years trading every fking day... when I could have sat back over the past 10 years and waited for these magic moments when money can be printed by any good trader on their home computer!

    OIH calls could go higher !