Buy natural gas now

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by kxvid, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. kxvid


    You wont regret it. Get now @ $7.85. And get ready to make shit tons of money.
  2. joemiami

    joemiami Guest

    And the reasons we will make tons of money are ............ ??
  3. kxvid


    The hurricane. Even if there are no disruptions, its oversold. Doesn't make sense to have oversold conditions during a hurricane. Even with no hurricane im still bullish at these levels. Its much cheaper than gas on a btu basis.

    Eventually well be running our cars on this stuff and it will become the next crude once peak oil starts setting in.
  4. swinger


    Oversold can get more oversold.

    Crude and NG are both down in the Globex session, with Gustav making landfall in only hours. Crude and NG should be up on this news, don't you think? But it isn't, and that's bearish.

    The reaction to the news is more important than the news itself.

    Crude to 100 before 125, I think.
    NG to 7.00.
  5. FCCT


    Agreed. Also I think a massive long imbalence in weak hands. Every piker in the world is long here. Could get a sharp sell off on stops getting hit. Thats the time to vulture long.
  6. Perhaps you meant get ready to make tons of shit?

    Buy it after Goldman or JPM pick up the fund blowouts for around $5 after hurricane season.
  7. We another 29 yo hotshot to blow up a 10B fund so we can get in NG at 4 again.
  8. Amen, Brian Hunter paid my heating bills that winter, if he wants to do it again its fine by me, 4-fitty bid GTC!
  9. You are already losing money.
    Just traded as low as $7.50 in October.

    Not sure if you saw the inventory report on Thursday morning, but the "build" came in at a whopping 102 Bcf vs the 82 Bcf that was the median expectation.

    Meanwhile, Hanna is not coming into the GOM and is expected to head up thru the Carolinas.

    You strike me as having now idea what you are doing.