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  1. Hey everyone,
    am doing some year-end book-keeping.

    I have an active, in good standing, and UNUSED FOR TRADING

    Delaware Limited Partnership (L.P.)

    It's called "ARIES COMMODITY FUND, LP"

    I don't need it for anything, as I started a CTA, not a CPO.



    I'm serious. I don't need this corporate entity. If you are running/starting a hedge fund or commodity pool, you will likely be buying (at good cost) one of these Delaware LPs.

    Here you can have one for less.

    PM ME.

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  3. Why does this have any value? Foes it have credit lines attached or atleast a strong credit rating? Otherwise it is worthless
  4. I owe you an email & we should grab a beer sometime...

    IIRC, (i looked into this once) the ownership transfer and the BS involved makes it pretty much just as expensive to buy out someone than it does to start from scratch.

    The same NYC/NY State annual advertising rules apply + the paperwork, etc. is a royal PITA. Unless someone from DE buys or someone who is not registering to do business in NYC/NY State.
  5. I think you gentlemen missed the point, and am surprised you didn't just pass over this post.

    For somebody who wants a **LIMITED PARTNERSHIP**, it costs money to create one. A typical fee might be around $350, which is what I originally paid.

    Understand this is a separate ENTITY that can be bought and sold.

    Since I have an active, in good standing, and UNUSED Delaware LP, I figure maybe somebody might want to purchase it for much less than they could get one new for. The ONLY catch is they cannot choose the name. (Obviously).


    This offer might be attractive to a trading professional who is looking to start a **COMMODITY POOL **.

    For New York State securities laws, I believe you, maybe it's a pain.

    But I've already contacted the Secretary of State's office in Delaware and they tell me there's no restriction or paperwork needed (for them) to sell it. Naturally, they'll have to be made aware of the new ownership, etc., but it's not a "headache" as you described. I looked into this before posting.


    SO, if there are any aspiring Commodity Pool Operators (CPOs) out there, contact me if you're interested. As a good faith measure I'll also share some other information material I have on starting a CPO. These are documents I paid attorneys almost $1k for years ago.

    --Chicago CTA:)
  6. Thanks for the explanation . I may have interest. Check you PM
  7. Maverick74


    Is it that you just don't want to pay Delaware the $250 to close it? You are basically trying to cover that cost. Why go through all this trouble to save $250?
  8. There's no way to know what liabilities exist.
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