Buy May Wheat

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  1. Shagi


    In truckloads going to $10 in a jiffy:D :D
  2. Shagi


    I will only run for the door if drops to around $8.300.
  3. I can think of three good reasons why you shouldn't do that, Shagi.

    One, the Russian wheat harvest isn't going to be as bad as people think...and two...., ...and three, judging by
    the jewels around your girlfriend's neck, I think you're going to need every penny just to keep her happy.
  4. Shagi


    mmmmmm - lets see, if I'm wrong I will sell the jewels to put up margin.:D :D
  5. dollivier


    Very close to breaking intermediate term trend. Tuesday will be critical.
  6. kanellop


    Hello Again.

    I see again and again your Comments...

    May i ask both of you,

    which are your opinions for the China Winter Wheat Situation ?

    Also, Thursday to Friday,

    China bought 125000 Tonnes of High Quality Australian Wheat.

    That is very mysterious.

    Theoretically, have huge Number of Wheat Reserves.

    I have many wonders for the China Wheat Reserves...

    Also, in Canada now, have huge Number of Snow Quantities.

    Seems that will have big troubles,

    including the U.S.A States of Hard Red Spring Wheat Regions.

    Kind Regards,

    George Kanellopoulos.
  7. IMO, not sure what your time horizon is but it looks like its just going to be in a trading range for a little while since its down pretty hard off the highs. But, over time I could see it going to 950.
  8. Locutus


    Get real. Going back to 600.
  9. Shagi


    I generally ignore news and do not use fundamentals but since you ask - I don't know if the comments below are true or false and how they will or not impact on price.

    Wheat prices saw their largest weekly decline since mid-November of last year this week. The futures exchanges posted sharp declines on both Tuesday and Friday due to profit taking and China’s effort to tame inflation by increasing bank reserve requirements. Its interesting reserve requirement has been raised just before a long U.S. weekend - same thing happened not so long ago. The Pied Piper playing his tune again.

    Fundamentals haven’t changed – we haven’t found any more wheat and there are still enough weather concerns over new crop prospects, although the situation has improved in China over the past week, as snow has relieved part of the drought-stricken wheat areas. For future market movement import demand, and supply, for old and new crop will remain key factors.
  10. Shagi


    Looking at KCBT Hard Red Winter Wheat contract that's more in demand becuase of higher protein content than CBOT Soft Winter. I'm expecting the lows made on 16th Feb to hold in KCBT Hard Red Wheat contract and that should be supportive for CBOT soft wheat. If Corn rockets to the moon in the next few days (it's very likely it will) that also should be supportive for CBOT soft wheat because if Corn becomes too expensive I expect more demand for CBOT soft wheat to come from feed wheat rather than from your local bakery. So it won't make any sense for wheat to drop to $6 whilst corn goes up to $8.

    I could be wrong but its a play I'm willing to take on cause if I'm wrong I don't hold the bag I just get out at a small loss and find then chase another fine young promising eeh contract :D :D
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