Buy Macquarie(MQG) at $45 Now

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  1. All upside in this stock from here on. Listed on the ASX. Here is why this stock is a great buy now;

    CEO, Allan Moss said full year profit to be announced on May 20 will be at least 1.80AUD Billion up at least 23% on previous year, which represents 7.28EPS which at current price of $45 per share puts MQG on a forward P/E of 6.18 and a forward yield of about 8.1%(50-60% fully franked payout). This valuation is the cheapest its even been in its 16 years of listing by a margin of about 50%. Allan Moss the CEO for the last 16years and who has worked at Macquarie for 30years has always delivered profit results above his conservative estimates. MQG current valuation is less than half of the average valuation of ASX stocks. The stock is technically oversold and has been beaten down more than its Wall St peers which have exposure's to sub-prime & other CDO's which MQG doesn't. MQG is being priced on fear and soon fundamentals will return. My bet is that you can buy now and either sell above $70 per share or on profit announcement on May 20 whichever comes first. How often do you see a quality growth stock who's yield is higher than its p/e?

    Disclaimer: Trade at your own risk.
  2. Congratulations to those who participated. Allan Moss announced a 1.80B profit this morning and MQG opened at 64.51 representing a 43.35% un-leveraged gain if you followed the trade plan as outlined above.
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