Buy Intc, Msft Now?

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  1. I am starting to buy some stocks.... I don't expect to buy at the lows but I think we are nearing an IT low. Will hold these stocks for about 4 to 6 weeks or if I can get 20 to 25%.

    Bought XLF today at 12.53, will add to it tomorrow (shoud be down based on Globex).
    Now, how abot INTC? Could open below 12.40 tomorrow, am looking to buy at 12.50 or better.

    Also want to buy MSFT at 19.75 or better if market opens around these levels. Other candidates are AXP, GE, BAC, and JPM.

  2. no no no

    those are garbage

    buy goog aapl rimm
  3. dis


    INTC and MSFT are not going out of business any time soon.
  4. The contratrian indicator. I will leave these to you - you buy them.
  5. ipatent


    The MSFT tax won't be worth paying when 25% of the population is eating in soup kitchens.

    Linux + Open Office + a cheap box from China can get the job done.
  6. I have the teenage stocktrad3r on ignore, but did he just recommend buying RIMM over INTC?

    Look in the dictionary beside the word 'masochist' and you'll find a picture of the young weiner stocktrad3r, clutching his toy bull and peeing in his short pants.


    I moved a bunch of cash into my IB account today, thinking of buying for at least an IT pop. INTC is a stock worth accumulating, IMO. However, I do think that we'll see lower levels and you'll get stock cheaper next year.

    Instead of going to the casino, I bought a few hundred GM today. Couldn't help myself : )
  7. Intel has more upside then Microsoft if you look purely on the price action. Intel could triple and Microsoft can bearly double if you look at the recent price action. Both pay decent divs, I would go 60/40 into both stocks instead of buying one or the other.
  8. Intel is interesting. It's lower now than at the '02 (nominal!) bottom, yet it now has more cash, more tangible assets, less competition, more diversified products, product lines, and customers. By any reasonable analysis, the stock is a buy-and-hold from here.


    In my mind this raises a bigger question about the relevance/accuracy of the '02 bottom given the obvious stimulants being mainlined into Mr. Markets veins at the time.
  9. Just buy V, MA, AXP, and DFS. They're better candidate and likely to survive in this downturn.

    MSFT won't survive with their $700 MS Office Ultimate. Who's going to buy their expensive Windows servers when companies are closing shops and not renewing their license? MSFT's biggest clients are financial companies and they're unlikely to upgrade.

    This is the last year MSFT can sell Office and Windows at such a high price. Next year people are switching to Mac and the free OpenOffice or even Google Documents.

    MSFT is ultimately doomed. No future and cannot compete.

  10. I wouldn't buy MSFT at all. I'd definitely buy INTC when you think it's bottomed, maybe tomorrow sometime, at this point I think I'd wait until I see panic selling to call any kind of bottom, we're so close to that happening. Then, sell after we get a rally from a bounce from that panic selling.

    Don't think about buying and holding yet, IMO. Be a weak hand right now and just play the ups and downs.
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