Buy Harley on home equity?

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    That's why it is trading and reacting to rate cuts like a financial. I would guess that HD is another company that is probably really in the finance biz judging by how it trades.
  2. Fed will bail them out, citing risk to financial system.

    No worries, mate.:eek:
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    Yep, and the homebuilders and the buggy whip makers, in fact anybody with lobbying power in Washington (sorry, that excludes 'we the people')
  4. I'll do you one better. I'll show you a pic of a client who I refinanced to buy the Harley he's sitting on.

    90% Cashout Refi 80% 3/27 IO ARM/10% HELOC

  5. State of Wisconsin may help in a bailout situation of Harley, but I don't think they are a big enough player to have any special Fed targeted help. A guy working for my wife just bought a $35,000 Harley. I almost crashed the car as I was driving when she said it, but I guess the bike is all decked out in the finest of everything. He's also trying to sell his 2 year old Harley for $23000. My neighbor has 2 in his garage, one he has been trying to sell since since fall 2006.
  6. I am sure glad you arent my loan officer. Posting a clients photo and telling the world what he spent his money on and his deal.

    Holy fucking smokes...I hope I missed"I am my own client"
  7. You couldn't pay me enough money to be your loan officer, especially considering your undying love for the nose-diving USD. Good luck with that.

    FWIW.. I was given permission to use the photo publicly. It was on the front cover of my last pamphlet in the mortgage industry.
  8. No worries ace. Navy Federal and USAA have me covered. For my primary residence on the east end and my vacation home in ME.

    I am underwater a whole 6% on one position that I am DCA`ing and plan on holding for about 5 years....uh oh better call the ambulance..I am getting carried out. HAHA...

    I dont need luck. But thanks for caring and reading my journal.
  9. Wreck the malls with cows on Harleys, fa la la la la la la la la.
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