Buy google leaps b4 earnings

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  1. I HIGGHHHHLYYYYY recommend buying google 600 leaps before earnings

    i am 100% certain google WILL go to 600 within 2 months and you can make tons of money of you buy the 600-620 calls

    Google WILL report huuuuuge numbers and break out of the cup and handle on the chart.

    The 3 month chart shows a PERFECT cup and handle. Textbook example.

    The next target is 600-650 easily.

    And in one decade: $4000 a share

    AND MAYBE $14,000 LATER

    google will have a market cap of 3 trillion

    And control all media through all mediums on plant earth

    And revenue will be bigger than all other media and internet companies combined.

    100 billion yearly revenue. Market cap 1-3 trillion. Transition to type 1 civilization is.
  2. Buy YHOO 500s. It should catch up to google if my calculations are correct.
  3. short usa government, it's going down to hell
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    Why don't you just put your allowance into a mutual fund and then start a new forum and call it "Elite Investor". You can post your pointless thoughts there all day while you hold your positions for a decade.
    The rest of us will stay here and continue TRADING.
  5. I almost took this post seriously until I saw that.
  6. Satire. This guy's all about satire.
  7. Well you know, there is no limit to how high price values can go.

    I observe GOOG trading at a new historic high price yesterday.
  8. Which made for some nice moves all week.
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    I am still waiting for QCOM to hit 800
  10. laugh now, profit lat3r

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