Buy google b4 earnings

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  1. Google will surge

    Google, apple, rimm, bidu, and FSLR oddly enough tend to trade together. So far, all those stocks but Google have broken out to some degree, but google is still at a lower trading range. I suspect google will rebound short term to 500-550 following earnings.
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    short term target 350 - 370
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    Long term target $50 - $55
  4. All this negativity going into earnings is even more bullish.
  5. Goog up $9 and rising...

    maybe it was time 2 buy...
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    So you didn't buy? But you were so bullish in your first post saying how GOOG was going to surge! Anyway, if all the other stocks you were talking about are doing better, why do you want to buy the loser of the bunch? If I had to draft a QB for my pro football team, it wouldn't be Ryan Leaf.
  7. Already own stock. MOS and Visa which is up more today than google anyway.

    But I'll margin myself for 100 shares b4 earnings tomorrow. Skim a quick 2K.

    AAPL is back to 155

    RIMM is back to 120

    FSLR, ISRG, BIDU are surging.

    GOOG is NOT going to be forgotten.
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