Buy gold buy more stocks

Discussion in 'Trading' started by noddyboy, Jun 8, 2011.

  1. Buy the dip. This is it.
  2. GDX 53.09
    SPY 123.71
  3. Shorts be careful.
  4. Another great buying opportunity today
  5. I wouldn't do gold. I prefer to speculate on oil (USO). There are other ETFs I like, XME, KBE, & IWM. [​IMG]
  6. All good choices. After 6 down weeks, there will be a bounce.
  7. luisHK


    I f*ckin hope so, went long some more this week after having kept part of the account in cash for a while but so far the market has remained ugly...
  8. ========
    While both are long term fine uptrends;
    SPY has had better sell volume year to date,
    so 125.25 pivot,SPY may uptrend again.

    But SPY uptrend is clearly more risky than gold uptrend;
    not a prediction, simply probabilities:cool:
  9. Well this spike up is it. Soon all the bears will be covering.
  10. Another fantastic dip to buy.
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