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Discussion in 'Stocks' started by paperboy, Nov 26, 2005.

  1. This is weekly chart. Time to buy? Will be interesting to see if the low will hold now when the S&P will go down to sideways for a while. Very high volume and close near high last week. How do you interpret this? The stock must at least be interesting. Is there a way to see who bought and who sold over this period? If it´s true that 80% lose then perhaps the high volume means many small sellers and a few big smart buyers!?
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  2. It would seem like bottom-picking to me. I still don't see any change in the fundamentals that would invite any serious buying.
  3. I would have to think that because of the poor sales and stock number, the GM thinktank would be brewing up something that would help put GM back on the market as a contender.

    If GM gets it act together and starts to make really good cars with better tech. i would buy.

    As of now, i am staying out of this one until i see some better fundamentals.

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    I agree. Just because the stock is cheaper than it was 4 months ago doesn't mean that it is cheap.
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    I think the only way this company can survive their debts is to go Chapter 11. They have too many and this is a good way to erase or change their balance sheet. It would be very hard on their dealer base as far as customers are concerned. Current and future customers will need assurance that their warranty will be valid.

    Dealers will have more put on their shoulders to assure customers that GM will be there. That could be a hard thing to do. If GM does go BK, they could lose a lot more market share, but at least survive because it looks like they have a lot more cash that needs to go out versus what is coming in.

    Closing plants doesn't equal more profits, it just represents lost market share and less demand.
  6. GM low was important yesterday. Low volume although a big move. If we can get above that 23.6 level then it´s probably a buy
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    Just for the hellofit I sold some Jan06 15 puts a few dayz ago. IV was running 100 on 'em! Heck, damn near a 40% downside cushion.

    If GM can last just a couple-more-months...$$$$$$$$$$$$$!

    Common guys - buy some o' those clunky GM vehicles! :D
  8. Gm about to explode up? Looks like it is planning to do something like that.
  9. GM has $27 billion in net assets.
    It has $70 billion in pension fund deficits.
    Case closed.
  10. C'mon GM - Go Bankrupt!
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