Buy GM, yes GM

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  1. I know the company is in some trouble

    But at this stage A LOT of bad news is priced in. CNBC had the CEO on this morning and he seemed to present a very compelling argument for hte longterm success of GM in spite of these recent difficulties.

    The Chart and trading activity is quite bullish.

    There is a TON of support in the 34 levels.

    And GM has a tendency to surge 2-3 points easily while other dow stocks are only up 30-60 cents or so.

    See GM going to 40 wihout much problems
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    GM = the worst stock in dow 30.

    buy citi, WM, even RDN looks better then GM.
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    Long GM it is then!

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    That loss was huge for 3Q, but alot of it was a write-off.
  5. Dogs of the Dow strategy works.
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  7. So far holding steady 34
  8. horrible idea... gm may not show a profit for several quarters or even years
  9. If I would not buy their crappy cars I certainly would not buy their crappier stock. RIP detroit - you fucked up! And the saying "As GM goes so goes the US" is sooo passe. Despite the fact I am not a US bull, low price stocks and midcaps can still flurish in the US log passed when GM will no longer trade....
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