Buy GM Dec 2010 35.00 calls, only $0.50

Discussion in 'Options' started by ForexForex, Nov 30, 2010.

  1. nickdes


    You think if it really was easy money, then more than 3089 contracts would have been bought and or sold!!!!
  2. Not many people know that options are available for GM, when they wake up this trade will be too late.
  3. What is it about GM that leads you to believe it will shoot above $35.50 in the next 3 weeks? I like the Volt concept (although it's too expensive), but that's not even due out until 2011 and then only in limited markets.
  4. IV on that is slightly to the north of 27%, which is OK. Moving down the alphabet just a bit, GLW DEC 18 calls are at .40, which is an IV of slightly south of 31%. Given a choice between the two, the GLW's are a better bet, IMO.
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  6. As I write this, GM's at 34.6 or so, GLW at 18.08. Those GLW 18's were the better bet.
  7. Thanks.. bought a load of them
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