Buy GLD Jun10 2011 149.00 put

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  1. Four decimal points?
    Where is the screen shot from your broker showing the time stamp on the fill?
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    I feel ashamed today to buy some tinies again, thus I report my positions hiding your post.

    MCP Sept 30 puts,
    LNKD July 120 calls.

    4 each.

  3. Time stamp: 12:47:58 PST (15:47:58 EST)
    $59.72 average cost included commissions so I moved the decimal over to $0.5972.

  4. For some reason the link shrunk the screen shot making it hard to read. I have attached the original, hopefully it will be sized 100%.

    PS ........ 10 votes / 1.40 average. WTF is that all about?
  5. Because your trades seem to be random gambling, then if you happen to get lucky you go crazy and post how great the % return is and get bitter and angry when people don’t pat you on the back. You answer questions in the options forum but you don’t have enough knowledge and experience to do so compared to the resident experts here.

    Look at this trade, the current bid is .40 so you are down 32% without any risk plan, adjustments, hedging, or any overall plan. Just buy it and hope to get lucky. If you are lucky and make 100%, well that is nice, but it wouldn’t even pay for dinner for my family.
  6. Isn't it obvious on this trade?

    Risk = Maximum loss is $60.00.
    Adjustments = Not required.
    Hedging = Not required.
    Just buy it and hope to get lucky = All investments require some hope and luck, nothing is risk free - perhaps you could post an exception.
  7. Seeking approval on an anonimous bull board. Now how sad is that?
  8. 80% loss so far, looking good.

    Before you reply with something like “no big deal it was only $59” you should realize how ridiculous that sounds. Why start an entire thread for a $59 trade other than to hope to get blind lucky and have some big % gain and start 3 more threads with your multiple aliases and say what a great trade it was. You can’t have it both ways by saying it was a great trade when you get lucky and have a big % win, and then turn around and have a 100% loss and say it doesn’t matter because of the dollar amount.
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