Buy GLD buy more QQQ is back!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by noddyboy, Nov 8, 2011.

  1. Buy gold, buy stocks, year end rally is here!
    Done with the pessimism.
    This is the presidential cycle year remember.
    Most years end with gains on the S&P....time to recover!
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    No, I have just sold spy, dow and qqq.
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    Unbelieveable! Market was still going up last night! I met stop loss. Don't know the reason why! I seriously suspect the Fed is behind this and it keeps buying stock!
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    Fed has been buying stocks and twisted the market. Shame on you!
  5. Looks like the bull wave is over. All the bears are getting stopped out today. Time to go flat.
  6. Why would the fed, who happily announces their purchases at regularly scheduled times (QE1 + QE2 + QE3), buy stocks in secrets?? Central banks get the most bang out of their intervention buck when it's announced (since the market will front run them)

    Silly boy, you