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  1. Anyone know of a "cheap" place to buy/or find historical fundamental data for say all NYSE traded stocks going back a few years? Anyone offer this type of information?
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    TradeStation offers selected Fundamental Data within their software.
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    That would be really useful actually if anyone has a good source. Like the Yahoo finance key statistics page, but including past values too.


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  4. I am thinking of simply downloading all the sec forms. On they have them going back till the 90's... Thinking of downloading all the data, then parsing those forms to extract the meaningful data and then generating new data sets with it..

    Does anyone know if its legal to redistribute that data?
  5. Also does anyone know of an easy way to convert between CIK and the ticker symbol for a company?
  6. nvm on the CIK.. apears the fillings also contain "IssuerTradingSymbol" which is the symbol.
  7. Looks like only form 4 will have the ticker symbol.. has to be an easier way to match symbol to CIK
  8. hmm to further complicate things.. every company seems to use a different formatting on their fillings... such as if you look for the table with "net income"... the stucture of where to find the actual value is VERY different in every filing... could make parsing difficult
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