buy FSLR

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  1. This stocks ALWAYS leads the rebound. From $80 to $160 when the dow went from 7,400 to 9,200. So if the dow goes to 10,000 you do the math.

    Also, the fundamentals of this company are very strong. Look at the growth. When oil prices start picking up, you can bet FSLR will rsie with it.

    FSLR $135
  2. Will do.

    Your track record is impeccable.

    Why you don't charge for your investment advise is beyond me.
  3. Up we go

    up $8
  4. Why dont you switch to the dark at least then the market will rally...because you will be on the wrong side of it.:D


    P.S. It actually looks like a great intraday short from here $139.5
  5. Short Coach Starbucks and other crappy stocks with zero growth like that.

  6. Big news this am for Fslr

    8:10AM First Solar to supply modules for Masdar City solar power project (FSLR) 133.38 : Co announces that it has been selected by Masdar Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company to supply 5 MW of its thin film solar modules to be part of the largest grid-connected photovoltaic system in the Middle East.