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  1. Have you guys seen the new Fiat 500? It's awesome, it will join the ranks of new Mini & Beetle & Smart car, but a hell of a lot cheaper, in the rip of Britain it's around £9000 (~$18k) and with oil valuations going through the roof this car will outsell many other brands, what a wicked well timed entry into the car market, hope it's OK mechanically, it's a Fiat afterall :)

    Current stock valuation about 14.5 EUR

    ImPO of course

    From this:

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    To this little cute thing:

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  2. If you ever owned a Fiat there would be no way in Hell you would ever recommend one.

    Fix It Again Tony.
  3. Well things change, what is important is that this is very appropriate to the high fuel prices, people in Europe do worry about things like that & look at the chart, we have lower prices with a higher low & a divergence which has an estimated average retrace range of around 20+ EUR stock valuation.

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  4. LOL, I thought you were recommending the car not the stock.
  5. LOL, I don't give a toss about the car itself. But let's not forget that people need to like a concept, see value & be able to buy with their eyes, it fits perfectly all 3.
  6. A combined MPG of 55, not bad at all for a nippy lilttle petrol engine. And I made a mistake, on the road prices start in the UK from £7,905 (~$16k)
  7. I'll be in Italy this time next month so I will see how many are on the road. Right now, the smartcar seems to be kicking everyone's ass, but I'm sure at that price they will get many takers.
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