Buy ES Now 1387.00 5-9-08

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by Aaron Copland, May 9, 2008.

  1. Buy now for run up into the close it's a no brainer, stop 1383.75
  2. 1387.50 is ok to. place your stop 1383.75
  3. sold at 1388; target 1385; stop 1389:D
  4. Flip a coin - given the lack of a big rollover down today, I'd guess there will be some short covering/buying into the close. No position.
  5. Hahhahahaha
  6. I was wrong; and grats if you got out at 1391. :D
  7. No brainer indeed.
  8. Are you going to do the typical ET thing and claim you got out right at 1392 or be honest and rode that long all the way back down to breakeven? :D
  9. What a puke.

    This market is worrisome with high oil price. :(
  10. How fun was that. Blink and you gains are gone. Thats why it's best to saty away until a trend develops. Don't listen to the paid posters who say find a new method.

    All you will do is make your broker rich. Wait for a trend and buy the dips or sell the rallys.

    Watch what happens right after the cash market closes. Bet it zooms back up.
    #10     May 9, 2008