Buy CSCO today as a safe play in tech

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  1. I believe CSCO is a safe bet in this market. Buy below 30 and sell it in a day or two at 30.30 -31 range. Downside risk is very low based on their recent earning report and outlook. Now it is traded at 29.72.
  2. ?..........risk a lot, make a little?
  3. Bought at 29.60 10,000 shares. Went down to 29.55 and then I sold at 29.90 with 3K profit. I don't know what do you meant by risk a lot?
    Another stock. Now I am more in favor of shorting CC. It is up because of LOWs' result.
  4. You didn't follow your own advice. You claim to have sold out at 29.90 instead of the "30.30 - 31.00 range".
  5. All the good news is all ready out their, you buy when everything looks bad. Not when John Chambers is super confident and every wallstreet broker is saying buy Cisco.

    I would buy when everyone says sell.
  6. I don't know whether I should agree or disagree with you. What you said has some elements of truth but if you buy when everyone is selling, you might incur loss at least for a short time and that might frustrate you. CSCO is an extremely good company with good outlook and I buy it in down days for a quick profit. I also sell weak stocks in up days.
  7. I bite from the middle. I am not that greedy but 30.30 to31 is well in the expected range. I did not say 35. It can happen tomorrow but nothing wrong with taking profit to re-enter the game.
  8. Another good thing about CSCO is that it will not bite you in one direction or the other. It will not go to 25 or 36 so you can trade in volume. Although everything is possible.
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    I think, when the nasdaq goes further down, csco goes down with it, even though csco is a good company. imho.

  10. Yes and CSCO hit 30 today.
    Now if you are worried about the economy or the financial market, I believe you should short retail sector. Big ticket ones. My favorite is CC. It had good bounce in the last two days for another drop.
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