Buy CL Now! - $70 by Monday

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  1. We'll you don't have to buy now. I'm not buying. Just a prediction. If it hits, I may be on to something.
  2. Surdo


    Wow, such strong convictions.


    Thanks for giving us permission not to follow your guess (which is what it seems like you are making). If you're playing roulette and you put your money on black and it lands on black I don't think you're on to something. What are you basing this on anyway? Today's strength?
  4. lol
  5. Activity in the Tropics.
  6. Just watch! :D
  7. Although the lack of explanation from the thread starter i think he have something here.

    Today's close well above 67 break a key level in midterm that could add some momentum for the trend started in the low 50s.

    I think a good risk/reward ratio trade could be a long position around 67.30/50 tomorrow near the opening, with a tight stop below 67. If the market is up to something here, it should not have problems to take out the 69/70 level in 2 to 6 sessions, otherwise you get a tiny stop.

    In elliot wave terms we may be headed for a 1/2/3 pattern, of course... who knows.. but the potential on this trade its good enough to try something.

    Good luck
  8. So, what was happening in the tropics............rum? A spot of fishing maybe...thats always fun.....
  9. Go crude go $ 68.70.
  10. Boy these global markets are so strong, crude may hit $100.00 wow now at $ 69.00
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