Buy Capital One and Vornado Realty

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  1. Capital One missed earnings which means a guarnateed 20%+ rally tomorrow after Morgan Stanley beats.

    Vornado Realty just announced a highly dilutive common stock offering, given the Kimco movement after such an offering this stock will rocket 30%+ tomorrow.

    Guaranteed winners folks.... place your bets....

    (Sarcasm, kinda) :D
  2. Daal


    If MS announces an additional $100b in off-balance sheet CDOs they lied about before we might hit upside circuit breakers
  3. Only $100 billion? Heck that is nothing, they could announce $1 trillion and the market would soar.
  4. Daal


    Why would they do that, they need to save some for when the market gaps down
  5. Damn, I wasn't thinking there. You are right.

    They have to save half just incase the Dow is down a hundred points. Then Geithner or Bernanke can announce the holdings and cause the market to rocket higher.
  6. weld1


    no matter what the fuck they do someone will get on tv and make it right....i'm sick of it. but remember trade what u see i guess:mad:
  7. The opposite of bear is not bull, it is apathetic.

    I am a retired bear.

    I could give a sh*t for what the banks are doing, it's all essentially a lie anyways. I am going to quit questioning why the market rallies on bad news.

    I am going to play it as it goes. Preferably swinging with 6x ETFs.
  8. You are guaranteed to LOSE. The government will come out with some BS report when you take a position and destroy your account.
  9. Obviously you misinterpreted what I said.
  10. No, I didn't.... you will take a position based on price movements and the government will announce something that will go against your trade.

    This market is being manipulated by outside forces based on news releases. Trading on what you see has a great potential to get you in trouble.
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