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    Great call. Up huge this morning on blow out earnings.
  3. On jan 5, 2005, the first day of SHO, the WSJ reported CALM as having the largest percentage of shorts, and that would'nt be counting the NSS position, which is unknown.

    All they wanted to do, was float a secondary at 25 bucks. when it was 12 before the offering, they realized how much trouble they were in.

    Wall St. deserves to perish. Who treats their customers like that? And when people say, "Show me one real company that was naked shorting, here you go."
  4. CALM always gaps up pre-mkt on earnings and then falls as it did already.
  5. And there is a reason for that.

    They cannot allow it to succeed. This naked shorting, and even stocks that are off the SHO still have huge fails - they are just floated, or kited, create debit balances. they don't like that. They will sell a 100,000 in hopes of a lower price where they can buy back 120,000. I've already had a bunch of calls on this.


    The above will save you a ton of money. Now, that may change. I'll be happy to tell you about it. It aint' today.

    I'm debating posting an email that describes a postition looking for ahome after the BSC blow up. I know. You're shocked BSC aided in naked shorting. I tell you, when I found out, you could have blown me over with a .44 Mag.
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    well i got my arse kicked in CALM this AM, after fully expecting to be just fine looking at pre-market.

    if we cannot beat these guys would you advise to stay away from all equities with high short interest (becasue we don't know if it's bona fide short shares or naked?)

    what's the take-away from this?
  7. I'm sorry. But that list of people fucked circles the block. Can't get into it, but it'll come out. These are your hedge fund buddies so many ET'rs look up to.

    You really have to know what was on the SHO, as well as what currently is there. If you see big names like Greenberg and Cramer, or Roddy Boyd on a stock, even though it's not sho, stay away. If you see juiced puts, stay away., or short. You probably can't get a locate.

    If TASER is at 9.31, and I know they had their Congressman and Senators in DC three years ago complaining, the inmates still control the asylum. Don't lose your money.

    As an example, OSTK was on the list 666 days. nothing changed, and they fell off the list. Jonathon Johnson, OSTK lawyer, said he wasn't impressed. That that had happened to others came back on. And like, ten days later, they were back on. They really never were off. They just kited some positions within the system.
    So, the rules are, there are no rules.

    Hope this helps.
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    Please post !!! I would greatly appreciate it.
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    thank you for your response flytiger. but i must admit ignorance on this subject. in fact i do not know what the SHO list is, or what it's implications are.

    this might seem a bit naive, but how much damage to a stock like CALM can naked shorting do? is it reasonable to expect it to be down to 25 bucks in a couple days?

    surely there must be a hell of alot of buyers of a stock like this at 30-35-40-even 45 dollars. seems unthinkable to a newbie such as myself that those buyers could get completly drowned out by naked shorts. again, a bit naive, i know.....
  10. Hi guys, I copied you recently on an interesting case wherein a 6.5 million
    share naked short position was out searching for a "home" for 90 days. The
    fee being willing to be paid for this illegal parking was 12% of the
    positions value. The b/d that was approached is fairly sleazy but they did
    alert management of this proposition. We learned today that the position
    desperately needing a new home WAS being held at Bear Stearns. Apparently
    when BS was going down in flames they attempted to jettison these delivery
    failures (and who knows how many others)probably because they were about to
    undergo tremendous scrutiny from the Fed and the SEC. Further to this the
    financier of this company was none other than XXXXXXXXXXX which is
    the old XXXXXXXXXXX. They changed names in July of 07. The actual
    naked short selling allegedly traces back to XXXXXX XXXXXXXXX in Canada one
    of Elgindy's old haunts. The Internet bashers are working over time on this
    one. Be on the lookout for similar "parking" attempts. Sorry, but I need
    to keep the identity confidential for now.
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