buy buy buy goog

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  1. aapl ma v bidu gs rimm fslr ewz fxi clf pot mos ipi

    buy these stocks no w on the dip

    The mental recession ended this month. We can stop talking about how suposedly bad the economy is. People need to stop complaining.
  2. did Kudlow lend you $5 and a pink tie?

    what are you buying these with? you're flat broke!
  3. right again

    all these stocks surging
  4. What a detailed, specific, compelling analysis by the world's biggest anus.
  5. these stocks keep surging ez $$$

    Don't fight the upside. The mental recession and fake credit crunch ended a few months ago. It's all green from here with maybe a few dips here and there. w00t.
  6. Too bad you (admittedly) lost all your money on those calls (both times), otherwise you might have two nickels to rub together and buy something.

  7. You can't afford GOOGLE.
  8. He can't afford C, either.
  9. Hey I think those stocks are all shorts from here as they get shuffled to the back. This is a tight market with growth on hold buddy. Its not time yet. The IRS is going after the tax money after april 15 so get your receipts for that new IPHONE ready.

    :cool: Those over priced cant fail stocks will go down...

    COnsumer confidence is not restored. Im very nervous on this market down here... Stimulus is not stimulating enough and Wall street is giving back the money to the Feds and upping their fees and screwing the consumer who will take their money out of the banks and here we go with a run on the banks who have no money once again because they gave it back. Baidu is done. stick a fork in it. Any day now expect a new competitor. Also wait for Wimax to out do 3g soon.

    Its a different market. BTW sorry for the doom and gloom...
  10. yup these keep surging..great to be right
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