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  1. Wow, for a minute there I thought the market may be selling off finally. Oh no, it's time to BUY more.

    Always thought the adage "buy on rumor, sell on the good news" applied. Meaning everything is coming up roses so now is the time to take some off the table since what better news is ahead. Nope not today. This time is different. Reminds me of the mortgage bubble. Everyone complained they got ripped off yet the truth is they knew they were cheating the system and getting more than they deserved. A lot of newbies are getting for more than they deserve from the markets today.

    But one adage is always true: "What the market giveth the market can taketh away." FAST!

    Anyway, today was just a mini-precursor to what is about to come during the next 4---12 months. Starting soon. I have not called a top before. Not smart enough. But I am sure we are within weeks, if not days, of a final top.
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    Does that mean that you're loaded up on shorts and/or puts?

  3. yes, january'18

    calendar spreads
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    Expect more such news to create major down ticks on the market.

    Establishment is hell bent of impeaching Trump and Flynn development is just a beginning.
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    Good luck then!:)
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    I'm just opening up my charts being busy yesterday and wow, that's finally some volatility in the ES. That 44 point downleg even had a 'minor retracement' of 16 points in a few minutes. More than most whole days recently.

    Was this news related, i.e., Trump?