buy, buy, buy, buy

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  1. "This time it's different. This time the world really is coming to and end." Why are elite traders by and large so dumb?

    Just listen to me, I'm the smartest person on here. Wanna make $ (provided you have a longer time horizon than 30 seconds?) Just get out there and buy. It's very simple.

  2. I think I will wait. I want to see some climax buying. Buying without fed intervention. You know buying when the market is left for dead.

    Kick back and protect your capital.
  3. Buy what? Cocaine, weed? Be more specific :confused:
  4. good question. stay away from financials, retailers, and coke too obv.

    i'm buying china, india, japan mostly through etf's. china is the most speculative of the 3 but a good bet. i wouldn't mind buying tech here either, but i'm not that long tech yet.
  5. "Dos" words - JIM ROGERS :cool:
  6. Mvic


    Agree buy tech best earnings out there still.
  7. to protect capital, don't go all in here. but you must buy. today will be a good day.
  8. Agree
  9. well i just bought some share and already sold them
    It is too risky to hold anything.( i mean stock,s )
  10. Municipal ETFs are at record high yields: MAV=11.4%, CXE=10.37%, MFM=10.3%...most on my watch list are 8 & 9 % yield, and that's Tax Free!
    Next to treasuries, the safest long term investment IMO.
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