Buy BELOW the bottom, Sell at the top Day Trades-- Could someone do it?

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  1. Buy BELOW the bottom, Sell at the top Day Trades-- Could someone do it?

    I will tell the reason and the answer (with evidence) to the above question later. I am also going to make a post on RFT's financialtraders blog about it.

    But I wanted you first to think about the question, and offer your answers. Your day trade needs to involve a sale at the top, and a buy BELOW the bottom.

    In the meanwhile, do not go too crazy/wild seaching to the trade. At least you will know the answer, so if you make efforts it would be worthwhile.

    Stay turned for more later.
  2. dsq


    You are a paper trader idiot.
    You cant even post a screenshot of an ACTUAL trade on one of your paper trades.
    What a clown.Blow this a hole off this website which has been taken over by phony paper traders who have many thousands of posts.
  3. I wrote I will give the evidence. Execution reports do not lie, You will read them with your own eyes.
  4. he did post several of his trades (screen shots). but that should not stop your attacks :)
  5. BELOW the bottom? you could sell a put around the bottom and make extra money on premium compared to just buying the underlying (=better entry than the exact bottom).
  6. I buy below the daily low and short above the high all the time, whats the big deal?
  7. There have been a couple of times in the last year or so where I've had a bid sitting below the low of the day, had it taken out, and noticed the execution was still below the LOD. Not sure why it wasn't reported as the low, but who am I to argue? :)

    But I, uh, wasn't exactly able to subsequently sell the HOD. :(
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    What percentage of his trading calls show execution reports? A rough estimate will do.
  9. not sure but less than 10% i am guessing.

    when RFT was posting regularly in his blog, i saw many of his entries close to real time. usually they were excellent entries (close or spot on the market turns).

    my point is that even if some of those trades were paper trades, they were really good. so, who cares?
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    ... like this one? :)))
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