buy bac and keep till end of housing problem

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  1. I am a forex trader and know very little about stocks. Was thinking of buying BAC at $6 if it goes there and keep till end of housing problem . I guess about 5 yrs . Any thoughts on this from u pros?
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  3. just bought 5,000 at $6.10 . Will keep them for 5 years or will sell at $30 which ever comes first.
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    I think it's a good bet. A lot of smart and successful investors are backing the company. it's a long term call option. If they can earn their way out of doing a capital raise, it's probably a $15-20.
  5. Rumor that JPM is going to buy them out. No idea at what price. Gov't backstop involved, so likely not much (if any) premium.

    Will be interesting to watch...
  6. Too Big To Fail ?
  7. up $20k in 12 months not bad still targeting for $30 a share though. Giving it 5 yrs . Will check in next yr .
  8. Gone the halfway mark $15 a share . Up $40 K so far in 2 years . . Giving it to my son on his 25th birthday in 3 years ,
    birthday .
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    Well done.
  10. Yes, very well done! Thanks for updating and I hope your son uses it well in the future.
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