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  1. Here4money


    Looks like the trade war bluff is coming to an end and US companies are looking a little bloated. What companies are you thinking of scooping out from Asia this year?

    Currently holding:


    looking at

    Actually started thread yesterday but didn't post....hindsight is a cruel mistress
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  2. Nobert


    That gap on TCTZF in mids of 2014 :wtf:..., never would touch it, in the first place

    BIDU already 40% up, from a nice entry,

    can't find SOGU on TOS or yahoo,

    TSMC , isn't it TSM* ? (Taiwan Semi..)
    Only short, if too overbought, but im not shorting anymore, so...

    Would go with SINA,(Nice Rev, Gross P etc, just broke out of the down thrend) tho the timming, again, 25% till those lows of $33,

    4/5 weeks prior, would be perfect, now, nah...

    And my bucket shop eToro, doesn't have it on the list :|

    Thanks for sharing :),

    not from asia, or partially, but still

    This one is building, new factory in Malaysia to avoid tariffs and if those are gone, then.
    (have a long one in it, was bit late, otherwise, would be 20% in a month)
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  3. richDude


    always be aware of the political risk when you go into foreign issues. do you understand the political/managerial make up? do you know what happened recently to the senior levels at all the giant tech companies in China?

    there is no such thing as 'over extended'. it only looks that way on the US market because you don't own any shares lol... the other market participants are not idiots. if there were truly risk adjusted value in the foreign they'd been picked up long time ago.
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  4. ironchef


    Time to pick them up was last year when there were blood in the Chinese streets.

    Of course hindsight is 2019, not 2020.:D
  5. Nobert


    Yes, while were talking about Asia,

    yet still, if one has a large uncorrelated watchlist, that is checked daily,
    then we can find bloody equities, pretty often :)
  6. ironchef


    I did pick up some BIDU & IQ in 12-2019.:cool:

    Should have done it earlier. :banghead:
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  7. Nobert


    Didn't knew about IQ existance, until you mentioned it.

    Still it wouldn't be on my list, by default,
    ( personal rule, not to play with things, that do not have at least 2 years of data)

    and BIDU was not there, tho it had the data, but for the same reason as IQ, since my beta for watchlist was set to :
    -0.75 / 0.25
    Volume > 500 000,

    while BIDU 1.78,
    (for same reason, missed THO...)

    i need to adjust that,
    because even if based purely on technicals, it was an easy pickup.

    Are you still in BIDU/IQ positions ?
    How much +% if so ? :)
  8. ironchef


    Yes to both but for sure IQ not going to be a long term play, BIDU maybe maybe not, because I don't trust the Chinese market. My BIDU entry was ~$117, IQ ~$20.
  9. Nobert


    Could have been, $5 lower for both, yet , still good, noneless.

    Yeah,.. Chinese Market, ain't gona take , too big of positions there as well, except for something really big like BABA, and even about that one, there was, some shady gossips.
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  10. Here4money


    Thinking of loading up on Asia...or wait for earning's season?
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