Buy apple at the open, quite possibly the easiest trade in a while

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by howardy2k, Jan 17, 2011.

  1. the market sell order will last approximately 10 second then the buy program HFT will kick in.

    ps. no position in apple at the moment
  2. +++1
  3. It will be interesting on the open I will give it that...

    Am I going to be buying it?... no way in hell
  4. Down 10+%, but I think people will jump in around 300-310 for sure. I'll have my buy orders set around $305, just in case it gets down that low. I feel sorry for all the people who have trailing stop losses on that stock, a lot of people are going to get stopped out.

    As to AAPL's long term prospects, I think the stock has will peak after next earnings report. Institutions that had blind faith with Jobs will have a wait-and-see attitude with Cook or whoever eventually takes over. But long term, there's no way AAPL will succeed as it has without Jobs.
  5. Personally I wouldn't short yet, but that's what makes a market. The reason why they timed the announcement today was because their earnings are coming out tomorrow and they will likely knock another one out of the park. Tim Cook already has the earnings conference call all planned out, so he will make everything look great.

    People will shoo-shoo Steve Jobs, and continue buying on the dip. I think it will have to take either a delayed launch or missed earnings before the stock will take a real dive.

    That's what I think, anyway :)
  6. Thank god there was a pop for me to unload on the open of NQ. I can have a drink now. Was sweating for a while when everything was closed and I heard that news.
  7. piezoe


    AAPL high risk now, either short or long. Just for gamblers.