Buy Apple. Apple not supporting 2014 products, forcing consumers to buy upgrades.

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  1. Millionaire


    8 years is pretty good.

    Apple is not a brand for Misers and Pikers.

    But then it is not that expensive either. Otherwise sales wouldn't be so high
  2. xandman


    How long will Tesla's be supported?

    People are caught on in upgrade treadmill. The poor get poorer.
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  4. DaveV


    Standard End Of Life in the laptop industry is 5 years. Software 10 years.
  5. Grantx


    Apple users are a special brand of idiot.
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  6. zdreg


    Is there a contest on ET for the biggest miser?
  7. ET180


    I would win it.

    Aside from the M1 processor and their displays, actual Mac hardware is mediocre at best. Looked at the specs on a new MacBook Pro at Costco yesterday and the laptop on display only had a 256 GB SSD. For a $1700 laptop, that's absolutely pathetic. I have a Lenovo X1 Carbon from 2012 that came with a 256 GB Samsung SSD. That was a decade ago. And I don't think you can upgrade those hard drives or the memory anymore. They try to make the device go obsolete sooner so you have to buy a new one sooner or subscribe to their cloud storage. Then they preach about being a sustainable company and equality. That's funny. They make laptops designed to go to the landfills sooner made at a factory that put up nets so the workers don't jump to their death.
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  8. nitrene


    Apple's hardware is very expensive. You are paying a huge premium for their software & stability. Apple doesn't actually sell hardware they sell appliances. They are extremely limited in what they can do on purpose. A Linux or Windows box can be a million things but Apple computers can't do those things since they control everything in the box.

    M1 processors are good but they have already been beaten by Intel in the 12th generation CPUs for single CPU performance. The Core i9-12900KS is 10% faster than the Apple M1 Ultra 20 core CPU.
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  9. I'm surprised they don't push this more, but perhaps there is a reason... They don't want you to use it?