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Discussion in 'Trading' started by fogut, Dec 26, 2008.

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    When you look at the buy and sell orders for a particular stock, what does the amount for the number of buy and sell orders signify ? What is the significance of volume for those particular buy and sell orders ?

  2. useless noise

  3. Buy and sell orders move the stocks and the markets. More buyers than sellers the stock will go up. Got it?
  4. That's not accurate. You're assuming that everybody is trading with the same position size. One trader wanting to "move" one-million shares can overwhelm many other traders looking to trade only 500 shares at a time. It's better to say that aggressive buying/selling moves markets.
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    How helpful is the volume to determine the short term direction of the stock ? If you see the volume in sell orders outweigh the volume in buy orders, can you assume it is likely to go down in the short term ?

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  6. You have assumed, more buyers than sellers will move markets or stocks up. Plain and simple. I didn't mention size amount.
  7. Glue eyes to screen for a year and you can answer your own question. I don't know your circumstance but I found it worth it.