Buy and Hold does work...3X inverse ETFs BGZ

Discussion in 'ETFs' started by Port1385, Jan 11, 2009.

  1. Its time to get that "chunk" of the BGZ and buy&hold. This will be a great year for buy and hold with the BGZ.
  2. Not if BGU has any say in this.
  3. Its time to buy and hold naysayers. Its a bull market for inverse etfs. Its time to go "all in".
  4. Port - just be careful that you rebalance if you get a big bump. Compounding can bite you


    Port - after reading your other posts - please do not continue to urge investors to go "all in" to any leveraged investment product.
  5. sumosam


    I have to agree. These are NOT, REPEAT, NOT BUY AND HOLD FUNDS. I trade leveraged etfs exclusively.

    You obviously don't understand these funds. Yes, its time to be bearish, but these things bite like mad on the way down, or if a retracement occurs.
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  7. Idiot. Ignored!
  8. Again, the experts at ET say to "stay away" and look how much my INVESTMENT is up in BGZ. I invest for the future when I placed money in BGZ.
  9. Investing in triple leveraged etfs and betting on growth has never been better then today. Growth in what? Growth in unemployment, growth in layoffs and growth in depression.

    Thumbs up. BGZ. Time to invest.
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