BUY AMSC N*O*W* We're a China play!

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  1. I mentioned American Superconducter here once and it promptly did 14% upside for me. Stoney of course has ridden it back down a bit like a chump. But I like this WIND POWER PLAY NOBODY SEEMS TO KNOW about. I bring the name up with Pro's and all they here is the
    " superconductor "part and scratch their heads.

    American Superconductor Corp. Partners With Chinese Sinovel On Wind Energy Project

    Posted on Mar 19th, 2007 with stocks: AMSC

    American Superconductor Corporation (NASDAQ: AMSC), announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, Windtec, has signed a multi-million-dollar wind energy system joint development contract to jointly develop 3 and 5 megawatt wind energy systems with Sinovel Wind Corporation Limited.

    The order significantly expands Windtec’s business with Sinovel. Since 2005, Sinovel has ordered electrical components from Windtec for 785 wind energy systems rated at 1.5 megawatts [MW].

    Based in Beijing, Sinovel plans to begin series production of 3 MW systems during 2009 and 5 MW systems the following year.

    AMSC’s Windtec business enabled Sinovel to quickly establish itself in the wind power market,” said Han Junliang, Chairman and President of Sinovel. “We believe the 3 and 5 MW systems we will jointly develop with Windtec will allow Sinovel to grow its market share and position us as a technology leader in the industry. We look forward to benefiting from our expanded relationship with Windtec as we continue to implement our plan to manufacture 500 wind energy systems in 2007, 800 in 2008 and reach an annual capacity of 1,000 wind energy systems in 2010.

    Under the contract AMSC also has a prior delivery right to sell future electrical components under the same conditions as other suppliers to Sinovel for the wind energy systems covered under the contract, creating a substantial follow-on business opportunity for AMSC.

    According to a recent report from the Global Wind Energy Council, China’s installed base of wind generated electricity grew by 107% in 2006 alone to 2,600 MW. Li Junfeng of the Chinese Renewable Energy Industry Association [CREIA] stated:

    Thanks to the Renewable Energy law, the Chinese market has grown substantially in 2006, and this growth is expected to continue and speed up. According to the list of approved projects and those under construction, more than 1,500 MW will be installed in 2007. The goal for wind power in China by the end of 2010 is 5,000 MW, which according to our estimations will already be reached well ahead of time.

    With the aid of Windtec, China will have a major player in the wind power market. Major components can be made much more economically in China than in the West. This contract will allow AMSC/Windtec to become a much larger player in the wind power market by gaining a larger income stream for their specialized electrical components. Sounds like a wind, wind situation!!! Me buy more today.
  2. Common Folks! I'm busting my ass here for you where is the love?
    Technology : Electronic Instr. & Controls
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    Open 14.19
    Previous Close 14.04

    Couldn't feel better about this you had all morning at $14.20
  3. isaacly


    closed at 14.11, extended hrs under 14 .. but i will watch, thanks.
  4. oy! and a high at $14.40 yucky day. You're getting a gift I believe down here.
    Think about the company as a whole. the world's principal vendor of high temperature superconductor [HTS] wire and large rotating superconductor machinery, and it is a world-leading supplier of dynamic reactive power grid stabilization products. AMSC’s HTS wire and power electronic converters are at the core of a broad range of new electricity transmission and distribution, transportation, medical and industrial processing applications, including dynamic reactive power grid stabilization solutions, large ship propulsion motors and generators, smart, controllable, superconductor power cables and advanced defense systems.

    >> so besides being this great " green " play and part of that whole mo mo group, it's also got a foot in the whole rebuild the grid problem that many New Yorkers will remember is still a big problem. Also dare I say they could get involved with the parts needed for Internet over the powerlines which is an idea Goldman Sachs is quite behind... all in all I REALLY like this company and will try and add to it tomorrow. Thanks back for the heads up that it was down today! Peace. ~ stoney
  5. anything green is worth a further look for me these days, thanks for the post
  6. I believe it will take a little time to digest it's recent upsurge.

    $13.00 - $13.50 on low volume would be a better risk entry point.

    Looks good.
  7. If i buy now will you cover me if i have any loses?
  8. riaamaan yes that would be perfect- my mother is holding out that for that price too. I'm thinking
    $13.80 would be as low as it would go barring a general market decline.
  9. Unforgiven---

    Technology : Electronic Instr. & Controls
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    Am Superconductor receives $8 mln order from Sinovel for additional 1.5 megawatt Wind Turbine Electrical Systems - March 21, 2007 7:31 AM ET
    >Co announces tha its wholly owned subsidiary, Windtec, has received a follow-on order for 150 additional wind energy electrical systems from Beijing-based Sinovel Wind Corp. The order, worth more than $8 mln, is for the 1.5 megawatt wind energy systems Sinovel is manufacturing and selling in China. AMSC expects to ship all 150 electrical systems in its fiscal year ending March 2008.
  10. Stoney,

    Has alot of overhead resistance at 15.09.......failed to break twice over the past 2 years..........but once it gets over 15.15 .......20.00 is looking good. Notice today that it stopped dead in it's tracks at 15.09............. hopefully we get a retest and break through.
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