Buy Amazon. They're paying politicians to nix privacy. Pol's absolutely cannot refuse $$.

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  1. Politicians will smile in your face, but they are desperate for money. They're selling consumer privacy rights. Amazon has found the way to riches.

    Quote from the article:

    "Last week, Reuters reported that confidential documents showed that the retail giant pushed to kill privacy bills in several states by increasing political donations, or lobbying to have amendments put into the bills. In one example, Reuters noted that Amazon drafted privacy legislation in Virginia, which was eventually passed, and convinced a state Democrat to introduce it."
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  2. So Amazon takes customers money and bribes politicians.

    Politicians take taxpayers money and pass laws against the interest of the majority of taxpayers.
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  3. You will never get a better arbitrage than putting $10,000 in one end of the machine (a few times, to a few politicians), and hundreds of millions of dollars come out the other end of the machine in data profits.

    Amazon has found the winning recipe.
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  4. vanzandt


    I dunno. Amazon already knows more about 90% of the American households than 99% of Americans realize.
    Wait till Anonymous hacks AWS, or some insider sends a file or two to Assange, releasing a few juicy tidbits about the buying habits of some senators' wives, husbands, kids... the Senator themselves... whoever. Then watch how fast some new privacy laws and 9 figure fines for AMZN kick in.
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  5. LuckyMac


    Amazon is a solid investment for sure. It is entering so many ancillary markets too that it is going to have its finger in every pie
  6. Overnight


    Amazon is unstoppable.

    Merry X-Mas!