Buy Aig Before The Call!!!

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by michaelscott, May 5, 2007.

  1. I see Hydroblunt is at it trying to talk down the stock with his manifesto.

    Haha. Not going to happen buddy. The trading day hasnt started yet, I have not heard that bell ring.

    Everytime I read a manifesto by one of the Elitetrader gurus, then that means its a good fade.
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  2. Mvic


    Hi MS:
    I wonder what you make of the 121% increase in asset management revenues at AIG. Do you know what sort of activities/risk these are derived from?
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  3. I can TASTE 73. Its just a stones throw right now. Im throwing penny's at the monitor trying to push the price. Once it gets above 73, then that will become the floor of this supertanker. Then we have 25 points up and thats like buying a 7 dollar stock and watching it rise to 9 bits.

    Come on AIG. Lets go ole white and blue!!!
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  4. Mvic


    That's what I thought. No offense but your analysis or your own employer leaves something to be desired.
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  5. How is it efficient? The market is based on future expectations, the opinion of which is easily influenced by opposing viewpoints.

    AIG is doing little. Dow is up half percent, AIG is up 1%. A 1% move in a stock is insignificant. Some fund maybe be buying slowly on this report but you are talking about 190billion dollar market.

    Can't expect any real action from this report, in either direction.
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  6. Its not over yet.

    I just looked at the chart and the Bollinger ceiling is a little too low. The price will pull away soon though and then we can go higher.

    There are certain big name stocks that mark turning points in the overall market.

    IBM is one of those companies. In 2002, the price slipped under 100 and it was on that date which marked a new period. Now IBM is over 100 again which tells me that another new era has begun.

    The mega-caps are coming out of their slumber having churned in a range for 5 years. AIG will break out over 73 and head to the 90s as P/E expansion continues.

    IBM will probably go to 160 by the end of this year. 130 first and then 160.
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  7. Or to $80 if they run out of money to keep buying back stock with! :D
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