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  1. and buy it now.

    a deal will be announced very soon. if you want to get in for a "pump and dump," do so now.
  2. I don't know how much more upside you can get from that pig and MBI. You may see $13-$14 again but single digits will come long term.
  3. I'm not in it for long term anymore. I'm in for this week. I'm just giving you a heads up that it will probably be announced this afternoon. Keep an eye on CNBC.
  4. Mvic


    Any deal will likley be dillutive or hurt earnings, maybe good for the market as it gives some relief from the credit woes but could be a negative for the stock. Doesn't everyone and their mother know about this by now and aren't people just waiting to unload in to the news, probably why it is down today.
  5. good point. all im saying is something big will be announced very shortly. whether that will affect the stock in a negative or positive manner, im not good enough to predict that.
  6. then dont tell people to buy